Coding & Robot Activities for Zoe

Activities that Count for Brownie Badges

(mom has a list to check off as you do these)

Use the computer or iPad to (pick 1)

  • paint a picture

  • create a card

  • make a bookmark​

Use the computer or iPad to​  (pick 1)

  • learn about an animal you are interested in

  • learn about Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, or Saline

  • Take an online tour of an art museum

Use the computer or iPad to ​ (pick 1)

  • zoom in our house, your school, and other places you know and describe what you see

  • make a travel guide for another country 

  • learn about a planet in our solar system

Use the computer or iPad to (pick 1)

  • send 3 e-cards to friends or family

  • send thank you notes in email

  • write a letter to someone in the government about what is important to you

Play three new games or make a playlist of songs 

Figure out how you use technology (pages 3, 4, 5)

Learn about computer parts (pages 6 and 7)

Crack a code and be safe online (page 8) and tell mom and dad how you'll be safe online

Figure out how messages are sent over the internet.

Learn about fingerprints and what identity is

Figure out what information is ok to share online and what is not ok to share

Figure out how you will protect your information online. Figure out how mom and dad protect their information

Solve another code (page 18) 

Find a fake picture online or make one like when you put your head on a reindeer!

What is a digital footprint? What does yours look like?

What is a computer virus? How do you prevent getting one?

What is a cyberattack?