Teaching is a Profession!

I'm a Nationally Board Certified Math Teacher, a Lead Teacher and Mathematics Department Chair at the Early College Alliance @ Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI. 

While I was a doctoral candidate in chemical engineering at the University of Michigan I created engineering activities for middle school and high school girls through the Women In Engineering Program. I decided to leave the doctoral program (I did complete my Master of Engineering) and become a middle school math teacher. After teaching 6th grade for three years, I moved to the Early College Alliance @ Eastern Michigan University, a public, countywide early middle college program, where I am a lead teacher and Math Department Chair. ECA, like all early middle colleges, directly teaches soft skills and academic skills so students are prepared for the university classes they take to graduate from high school.

My view of the educational system expanded after I earned National Board Certification. I have been involved with many organizations dedicated to elevating and raising awareness of the education profession and the importance of providing each child access to highly accomplish teaching and each teacher access to high quality professional learning. Some of these organizations include America AchievesThe Collaborative for Student SuccessTeachStrong, The Michigan Department of Education's Teacher Leadership Advisory Council, and the MI NBCT Network and The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Throughout my work advocating for the needs of teachers and students, my interest in organizational structures that encourage teacher advocacy and true college and career readiness has grown.


I am currently writing my dissertation using Black female student voices to affect change that better supports their transition from early middle college math to university math and that provides them access to the same benefits of early middle colleges as the rest of the student body.